In FeelWood BCN we are lovers of animals and passionate about everything done with care. Ringo was our first inspiration and now Iko and Paris are the ones who maintain it. Thanks to them we design and manufacture all the furniture so that your four-legged companion can play, rest, feed or sharpen his nails. Every cat park, tree, bed, drinking fountain, sandbox and other products are made with all our love, using natural products and recycled wood.


Opinions of Our Clients:

Carol “Gatificamos nuestro salón y esta es una de las piezas que escogimos. Idoia consiguió armonizar todo el conjunto y, además del uso que le dan las gatas, como decoración nos fascina. Todo es distinto pero todo encaja. Estaré agradecida a este proyecto eternamente, convirtió mi casa en un hogar."

Sandra G. “El comedero es genial, nos encanta. Fácil de limpiar y a una altura perfecta para nuestro gato. Desde que lo tenemos, Mistu come y bebe mucha más agua que antes así que ha sido una de las mejores compras que hemos hecho para nuestra mascota!”

Elena G. “¡Gran invento! Mis gatos están todo el día en su nuevo parque en la pared. Es de una calidad excepcional y el trato ha sido estupendo. Gracias!"

Sandra M. “Un trato excepcional. La artesana es un amor que asesora perfectamente sobre sus productos".

Inés R. “La verdad es que la mesita Frida es perfecta, en seguida mis gatetes han subido a probarla y han quedado encantados. Resistente y se amolda muy bien para que el gato esté cómodo. Y al elegir el color puede combinar en cualquier cuarto."

Noelia S. “Después de usar varios rascadores, decidí comprar uno bueno como es el rascador IKO, mi gato está encantado, se estira y rasca a la vez que juega con las cuerdas. Además es muy estable ya que el gato pesa 6’5 y aguanta sus rascadas muy dignamente. La ventaja de personalizarlo"


Collaborations and Media:

FeelWood BCN, your store of furniture and accessories for animals (especially cats) and whatever emerges from modern life.


We are an online store specializing in furniture for cats especially created to make their lives much easier, more pleasant and happier.. e cover their needs by designing sustainable products with special emphasis on decorating your home and its comfort. As we say: “We manufacture for them, we design for you.”. All our animal products are made with natural and organic products, using recycled wood as the main material. We make a personalized and handmade production based on local commerce, small scale and sustainability.

PARKS FOR CATS ON THE WALL: In FeelWood BCN you will find the best alternative to design your own cat park. Wall beds, individual shelves, scrapers, suspension bridges for your cats and everything your mind can imagine. Your cat needs to feel wild, relaxed and happy. You only have to choose the walls of your house that you are going to dedicate for them and together, we will make the cat park that your four-legged partner needs.

CAT SCRATCHERS: A cat needs to be constantly scratching and sharpening its nails. Did you know that a cat needs to lengthen its body completely while using its scraper to stretch its muscles? We have scrapers for cats of different sizes and also wall scrapers! Give your cat the scraper he needs.

CAT LITTER BOX: Hygiene is important for your cat and we are willing to be as beautiful as possible. We have designed our Tramuntana cat litter to meet your needs so that the sand does not fall to the ground and your cat has the privacy he wants. You can choose whether to add your sandbox tray, or keep your own tray.

FEEDERS FOR CATS AND DOGS: At FeelWood BCN we have an assortment of feeders made of natural wood. You can find different sizes to suit your cat, dog or any animal with which you share your place. Choose the customizable cat feeder in your favorite color or dare with a slate dog feeder, to show your creativity. Also, if you are looking for a large dog feeder, you can find a dog trunk-feeder that we have designed for you.

TREE PARK FOR CATS: If your cat is starting to use the cat parks, the best way to start is with a cat tree park. Customize and choose your cat bed, your scraper between the different sizes and combine them to create the ideal tree for your four-legged colleague.

CATIFICATION AND PROJECTS: From FeelWood BCN we want to be part of your catification projects. In our projects section you can see examples of large-scale catification that we have carried out in different establishments or homes with which we have already collaborated. And you? Do you dare to control your space?

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