There are several questions that keep repeating during the entire time I have dedicated myself to FeelWood BCN, that is why instead of writing a summary about my life, I have decided to answer them in an interview format. I hope that with this you know us better! 🙂

Name, age, etc.


My name is Idoia Barot, I am 30 years old and I am from Barcelona City, although I currently live in Zaragoza with Pablo (my couple) and our two cats (Paris and Iko). I am a graduate in clinical psychology and training technician (HR) by profession, before creating this project.

taller madera reciclada

When did you realize you wanted to create FeelWood?


Actually, I do not know. Understanding that the brand was born one day when I was coming out of the shower and I was singing “I Feel Good”, I find it hard to find the moment in which I decided that I wanted to do it real. It has been a whole of, “and what would happen if I?” “What if I try to disassemble this pallet and create something?” “What if I steal my father’s jigsaw?” “What if I offer a product of mine to this Cat Café?” (Obviously at that time I did not even have a Catalog) …

Why FeelWood BCN, if you are now in Zgz?


This is something that I have debated a lot internally and in the end, I have decided to leave it that way. I like that the brand bears the name of my city, precisely because I’m not there. Nowadays, with online tools, it does not matter where you manufacture or where you reside.

Why for pets?


Well as everything, a cluster of coincidences … I started restoring furniture and that’s what I liked, I always took things from the street (like so many people) and gave them a new life (here are some pictures of the furniture that toward). And I remember that I was selected for a project in Barcelona Activa where we received 6 months of training with “this old project”. There really was no a project and that’s precisely why they took me, I think. The main objective of the training was to turn the matter around and end up finding our defined target with something special. It was there when I started to think in a different way. I went back home, I saw the one who was my cat at the time (Ringo, I’ll tell you a lot about him) and I said, “come on, I’m going to do something to you”.

feelwoodbcn idoia

What was your first product?


If we remove all the restored furniture, the first thing I did was a park in the wall for Ringo. Ambitious, wasn’t it? My idea with that was to be able to use it as a bookshelf at the same time he went up and down without coming to where the books were. I think I managed to capture the idea and the best part was that I used it! The next, was a feeder for my cousin’s dog (like the current one with little feet) and the next the corner feeder (a challenge for the few machines I had at that time).

In which projects have you participated?


The project that I remember with more affection is the first one: Espai de Gats. I remember as if today was the day. I got in touch with the girls who managed it after reading an interview with them in Time Out (cultural and leisure magazine in Barcelona) and everything that came up afterwards. The truth is that they were a charm and although now, with more experience, I would make things quite different, I am proud of what we did. Then the markets came and the opening of Qgats Cat Café in Sant Cugat.

Why not own shop? And trainings?


Having a store requires a superhuman effort; not only for the schedules, but for the entire management … I’m still not ready. But it is true that I have many ideas of how it would be. I do not just want to sell products; I want to sell experience for the client. And I can’t say more clues. About workshops and trainings, I have done several times, but never organized by me. But I keep it in mind, actually I love helping people to learn new techniques.

Who is the cat of your website? What does the logo mean?


This is my favorite question. Ringo was the first animal I had in my life. He was a black cat, a very good cat, with my own personality. We understood each other perfectly. The name was given by my sister who was an absolute fan of the Beatles and although Ringo was probably the worst, he had the prettiest name … So I thought it was perfect. He died in 2017 due to an accident, and it has been difficult for me to get over it. Since then my most repeated phrase is that “all black cats are Ringo” is a way to see something of him in all of them and remember him.


And the logo is in his honor. Ringo was born with a malformation in the tail that made it look like lightning. Hence the black and crooked tail of my logo. It’s true that maybe I lose dog customers because of that, but I could not do it any other way.

chapa ringo

How long do you take to make each product?


It depends a lot on the product, but only to give you an idea, these are the steps I do in each of them: get the pallet, disassemble without breaking it, remove the cloves, brush it, cut it to size each shelf, sand it, treat it with special products, re-sand it, assemble it, paint it or dye it, cover it and varnish it … Then packaged it, send it…

What does FeelWood BCN bring to animals and people?


This I prefer to be answered by people who have enjoyed my products ?



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