2017. Espai de Gats suddenly became, together with Ringo, one of the first promoters of Feelwood Barcelona.


I had done my first steps mainly amateur: I had managed to sell a few restored products through social networks and I had just raised my project towards recycled wood and pets, starting with a couple of parks for cats that Ringo enjoyed at home. And one day the destination was presented as an article in Time Out magazine: the first cat bar in Barcelona was about to open.


I know that those who know me, know that the Commercial and Sales areas are not my strong point, I was brave and I got in touch with the girls who were launching this cat bar. Soon I went to meet them and I could see the magnificent project they were preparing and to which, without a doubt, I had to join.


This is how we started our collaboration and that’s where my first products were born: the Logan table, the parks on the wall, etc. A joint work of design and that supported by our common knowledge of the cat universe, it became a new catalog that the cats have been enjoying for a couple of years.


This is how the project became friendship and we continue collaborating to this day. One of our latest collaborations can be seen by you even from outside the bar, it’s an exhibitor. Thanks to them for continuing to give their kittens a home, and “cat moments” to their visitors!



2018. Freshly moved to Zaragoza, it was when Mari contacted us. A new cat bar was to open in Sant Cugat del Vallés. A project full of enthusiasm and love from Mari, who immediately invited us to participate.


The main product for QGats was the tailor-made design of a complete park on the wall. We design a few proposals against the clock. This time we were going to face our first complete park, more than two meters wide and others almost two meters high.


Scrapers, shelves, modules and ramps designed to be enjoyed by the six cats in adoption that were going to live in the place. In addition, QGats counted on us in the design of Mishina feeders, Logan tables, a Tramuntana cat litter box, a Watson staircase … in summary, she made us feel as an important part of the project.


After a month of work, we traveled from Zaragoza to Sant Cugat to show the result and install the park. While we mounted, the curious people outside began to approach the window stopping to observe from outside how the two naughty puppies started to climb and cross the catwalk, from module to module. The most special moment? When my grandparents accompanied us to deliver the last orders and to meet the place. And my products. And my smile looking at their faces.


Thanks QGats for making it possible!



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